Speech on the Role of Peace in Advancing Achievement of SDGs

The International Institute of Governance & Leadership, organized the 2nd Global Governance & Leadership Forum in India on 10th September 2018 at Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba Mumbai. The theme of the Forum was appropriately chosen to be the ‘Challenges in Global Governance – Collective Governance of the Planet’.

Here, our Director and Former Defence Minister of Netherlands & Member of the Global Board of IIGL,  Joris Voorhoeve, being an expert on Peace, as he was co-chair of global partnership for the prevention of armed conflict, which is a ‘UN Peace Keeping’ initiative, shared his thoughts on the ‘Role of Peace in advancing achievement of SDGs’.


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Why borders vote for the right-wing? By Javid Ibad, Research Associate at the Sen Foundation

The rise of right-wing populist parties and movements is not new in Europe. Right-wing populists got parliamentary representation in the majority of EU member states. In discussed case study of the Netherlands, border residents voted for the Freedom Party (PVV) by 3.5% more than non-border residents.



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Javid has joined the Sen Foundation in October 2018 as a Research Associate. His research is focusing on sustainable cities. As cities will be more and more populated in the upcoming decades, he draws attention to the success stories of sustainable urban environments and is deeply involved in researching the upcoming possibilities for their improvement.