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Germany and European Security, by Imre Bartal

The preamble of the official translation of the German Constitution states the determination of the German people “to promote world peace as an equal partner in a united Europe”. The meaning of a “united Europe” remains disputed to this day but promoting world peace is a relatively clear and concrete goal.



Symposium on Building Peace

Our Director, Joris Voorhoeve has been a main speaker at the Building Peace Symposium.

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We offer courses, guest lectures, and training on Peacebuilding, UN activities and Development Cooperation. Our current courses are taught at the Bachelor and Master level at Leiden University. They include Peacebuilding after Conflict, International Relations, and International Organizations as well as Current Issues.


This is Sen

The Sen Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation for research and education in the field of international cooperation. It was established in 2009. Researchers, teachers and students contribute to promoting better global relations. The Foundation is also certified as an educational institution for professional courses. It cooperates with institutions for higher education and official and private organisations for humanitarian aid and international development.


Faces of Sen

Vishwesh Sundar’s association with the Sen Foundation began in March 2018, as an intern within the organization. He is currently writing a report titled ‘India and the Sustainable Development Goals’. He would be analyzing five main SDG’s that would be crucial to achieve for India. He is broadly analyzing the current situation with regard to these goals and proposing possible policy suggestions that can be considered to realize the goals by 2030. This report would later be published by the Sen Foundation.