• Speech on the Role of Peace in Advancing Achievement of SDGs

    Over the last three decades, a diverse group of leaders from private corporations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and subnational government leaders have developed and promoted a global agenda of collective action. From advancing human rights to combating climate change, these diverse group of leaders have become new governors in world politics. What is worrisome is, more recently, a second movement—a loose array of populist and nationalist groups and governments—have questioned the forward momentum of institutionalized global cooperation.


  • Wereld in Beweging Book Presentation

    On Wednesday 19 September 2018 the book Wereld in Beweging (World in Movement) was officially presented at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). This Dutch textbook on International Relations for bachelor students in The Netherlands is a production by researchers, lecturers and interns of the research group/lectorate on International Peace, Justice and Security of THUAS in cooperation with the Sen Foundation.


  • Presenting the book “Wereld in Beweging”

    De wereld verandert snel. Hoe moeten wij ons op de toekomst voorbereiden? Dat begint met een goed begrip van hoe de wereld feitelijk in elkaar zit, wat de drijvende krachten zijn, hoe machtspolitiek van de grote mogendheden op andere landen inwerkt en aan welke eisen van volkenrecht en politieke ethiek goed beleid hoort te voldoen. Ook de werking van de mondiale economie en van internationale organisaties als de VN, de NAVO en de EU is erg belangrijk.


  • International Day of Non-Violence

    On Tuesday, the 2nd of October, the International Day of Non-Violence will be celebrated at the Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, The Hague. This program is being organized by Stichting Standbeeld Mahatma Gandhi and is supported by the Municipality of The Hague, Carnegie Foundation & the Embassy of India.

    The International Day of Non-Violence is marked on the 2nd October, on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence. Gandhi, who led India to independence, has been the inspiration for non-violent movements for civil rights and social change across the world.


  • Sumer School 2018

    This summer, the Sen Foundation ran its annual summer school module at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. 14 students attended the course titled Human Rights, Security and Development. The students explored issues such as economic development, energy security and geopolitics through an interdisciplinary approach combining political science, economics, history and sociology.


  • How to improve labour conditions in Indonesian palm oil plantations 2018

    Janneke Bosman started working for the Sen Foundation in 2009 and has supported us in several ways: as a researcher, general support and coordinator. Since 2009, she has been dedicated to work for and to support the Foundation.

    In 2016 she started working at CNV Internationaal, a foundation that supports trade unions in development countries. There, she is currently responsible for Indonesia. During one of their current programs, CNV Internationaal supports the trade unions in the palm oil sector. Earlier this year in January, Janneke together with CNV Internationaal travelled to Indonesia to produce a movie which shows how a process of continuous, constructive social dialogue between company and trade union is leading to improvements of labour conditions of workers at palm oil plantations and mills.


  • Symposium on Building Peace 2018

    On the 15th of March 2018, the Bulding Peace Symposium took place at The Hague University. Here our director, Joris Voorhoeve, has been invited as a speaker while also launching his book: “Wereld in Beweging”, a new Dutch textbook for higher education. This book is compiled by the lectorate International Peace, Law and Safety of the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

    The program of this event included talks from Mihaela Anghel, Reitse Keizer, Jos Walenkamp, Susana Menéndez and Liduine Bremer, and topics such as Building Peace, Democracy and Peace and Economische Voorwaarden voor Vrede (in Dutch).

    Read more about the event and the summary HERE.

    You may find some of the pictures of the event below.


  • The Sen Foundation Reunion 2017

    On Friday, November 17 the Sen Foundation invited its members and alumni to a reunion in Den Haag. The evening started with a shared dinner which was composed by dishes from different countries everyone contributed. Meanwhile, we heard updates by Rob Zeldenrust, Joris Voorhoeve and Kathinka Gaess about the current and most recent developments of the foundation. In this regard, the two books soon to be published were being introduced as well as the new website.

    While having dessert, the group moved to a different room, where current Sen members held small presentations about their current jobs. Sen members told about different carrier steps as well as the challenges and tips and tricks on how to find a job. At the same time, the group received different insights about how it is to work at places such as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, CNV international or the Municipality of Hoorn.


  • Graduation of Sen students

    On Tuesday, October 24, four students who have published their Master thesis with the Sen Foundation graduated with a Master degree in Public Administration. All students have followed the track in International and European Governance at the University of Leiden in the Faculty: Governance and Global Affairs.

    The students were supervised by the Sen members, Joris Voorhoeve assisted by Vasilielos Karakasis. All of them received very high grades for their resarch. The combined research of Lucia Overpelt and Kathinka Gaess spinned around policy making during the refugee crisis in Germany and the Netherlands in 2015. The research of Mihailo Jovetic explored the peacebuilding and state-building process in Kosovo. The research of Hans van den Berg spinned around the influence of Russia and Turkey on the current state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    All students put their names on the wall in Leiden’s historic Zweetkamertje before celebrating their achievement.

    We wish Lucia, Hans, Mihailo and Kathinka all the best in their future.


  • The Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour 2017

    In August 2017, our board member, Jacintha van der Plas, joined the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour. The goal? Cleaning up the entire Dutch North Sea coast. One team started in Schiermonikoog, in the north of the Netherlands, and the other team started in Cadzand in the south. The cleaning teams proceeded in 10 k stages eventually meeting in Zandvoort. This year the teams collected more than 15.000 of trash on the beach and in the ocean. But also chunks of paraffine – a side product of oil – were found. The project hopes to prevent animals from dying through the ‘plastic soup’.


  • Russian Course in Kyiv 2017

    From mid-July to mid-August 2017, the Sen Foundation and the Grensland Genootschap organized a summer course in Russian for the very first time. The course was held in Kyiv, in cooperation with the Taras Shevchenko University. 22 students from different Dutch universities took daily classes in Russian for four weeks long. Tobias Wals from the Sen Foundation provided additional lectures on Ukrainian politics and excursions around Kyiv. The course was a big success – all students received an official diploma from Taras Shevchenko University. For 2018, we are planning to organize courses in both Russian and Ukrainian for students of all levels. If you are interested in taking a course yourself, save some space in your agenda from mid-July to mid-August 2018!

  • Summer school 2017

    From July 17 to July 28, 2017, the Sen Foundation held a summer school module on Human Rights, Security and Development. The module was part of the summer school on ‘Sustainable Cities’ of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. For two weeks long, 20 students from all over the world participated in interesting lectures and workshops. Lecturers included, amongst many others, Belinda van der Gaag of the Netherlands Red Cross or Mark Dechesne who gave a class on terrorism.


  • Second Ukraine symposium

    On March 4, 2017, a symposium was held at the Korzo Theatre in The Hague on the progress of reforms in Ukraine. Dr. Olena Halushka gave a key note speech via Skype and answered questions from the audience. Secondly, plans for cooperation with Ukraine among support groups of civil societies in The Netherlands were presented and discussed. Participants concluded to with the decision to organize a Ukraine Day in September 2017 to draw attention to the country’s reforms and set up core cooperative projects.

    To see more Ukraine-related activities, view the site of the Grensland Genootschap.

  • Summer school 2016

    In 2016, the Sen Foundation organized a summer school on Human Security, Rights,  and Development in cooperation with The Hague University of Applied Sciences. From July 18 until July 29, students had the chance to gain an insight and develop an understanding of global challenges in peace and security, transitional justice, environmental security, economic development, and terrorism.

    The summer school offered an exciting mix of lectures, workshops and field trips to important organizations in The Hague such as for example the OPCW. While the first week addressed actual security challenges and conflict areas, the second week focused on the way international organizations approach, manage and try to solve these issues.


  • First Ukraine symposium

    On October 19, 2016, a symposium was held in the Press Centre Nieuwsport (The Hague) on the EU Association Treaty with Ukraine. Ukrainian parliamentarians and reformists explained the reform program in their country and the need for cooperation with the EU.

  • Study trip to Ukraine in 2016

    In summer 2016, a group of Dutch students and teachers took the train through Germany and Poland with Ukraine as the final destination. This two-week study trip on European culture, integration, nationalism and international conflict was truly inspirational. Its main focus lied on the future of Europe while considering the Eurosceptic movement and the uncertainties Ukraine is facing as a key country. It included lectures on the train, the encounter with interesting people and organizations and of course the visit of fascinating places such as Berlin, Lviv. Odessa and Kiev.

  • The 3rd Hague Peace Conference

    In 2015, the Sen Foundation contributed to the 3rd Hague Peace Conference; 100 years after World War I forced its rescheduling. From 1 to 3 July 2015, lectures and debates were held and attended by seventy-five students from over 33 countries.