Hans van den Berg

Hans has been with us as a research assistant since April 2018. He found his way towards the Sen Foundation after completing his master thesis at Leiden University looking for relevant working experience. Hans mainly focuses on doing research for the second volume of ‘Wereld in Beweging’, initiated by our Director, Joris Voorhoeve, which will focus on the current issues and the influence of important actors in our ever changing world. He has a keen interest in Middle and Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region, and Russia. Working as a research assistant on this new volume of ‘Wereld in Beweging’ is a great opportunity for him to further develop his knowledge and widen his scope.

Hans graduated in 2012 from his bachelor in International Hospitality Management, which gives him a management and business background. After a detour via the tax office he graduated in 2017 with a Master of Science in Public Administration with a specialisation in International and European Governance. He wrote his master thesis, which is published here at Sen, on the operational codes of Russia and Turkey in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the potential harm it may do to the peace-building process. It combined several of his fields of interests; in Middle and Eastern Europe and Russia, but also in peace-building, the role of culture and religion, and which tools states can use to influence policy and politics. Hans is very open minded and eager to learn. Besides his before mentioned interests, he is also interested in the European Union, the democratic deficit, and how to solve it, active citizenship and possible further integration. Another field of interest is political philosophy and international diplomatic negotiations. In his spare time he likes to row and coach juniors, cook and read some Harry Potter.

Hans is quite active and regularly visits congresses, symposiums, fora and simulations such as the Message to Europeans 3.0, Schuman Congress, The Hague Peace Conference Simulation and the Young Diplomats Forum. This means that there is a good chance you might see his face pop up at some point, at which he would very much enjoy the opportunity to engage in a conversation with you. His ambitions are to secure a research position, combining it with teaching or training, or to work for a NGO focusing on one of his interests. He is a passionate, energetic and active young professional with a keen eye on the ever changing world around us, nearby and far-away.

Feel free to contact him via mail: hansvdberg@me.com, LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hbvdberg/ or phone: +31 6 81 499 156.