Jan-Willem Oosterbroek

Jan-Willem has been committed to the Sen Foundation since the early days, first as a Master student where he contributed to studies on the rule of law and the effectiveness of development cooperation. He carried out research for the studies: The rule of law in developing countries – Aspects of liberal development cooperation (Teldersstichting), From War to the Rule of Law (WRR) and 100 opportunities (to be published). He is one of the founders of Sen and became treasurer and general board member. In this position he is responsible for the adequate financial management of the foundation and long term strategy development.

He was actively involved in the external positioning, branding and development of the first website. As a government professional he represented the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economics and Education where he developed and implemented policy in the fields of development cooperation, private sector development, higher education, research and civil society. Currently he is working for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency as Business Development manager for the Nordic/Baltic region where he advises Dutch SME’s to take advantage of business opportunities in cooperation with the economic network abroad. In addition, he is senior advisor to the director international business and responsible for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business services. He is passionate about fostering new alliances and using new methods to learn and communicate results.

Feel free to get in touch through his Linkedin.