Kathinka Gaess

In 2017, Kathinka has coordinated the communication and the administration of the Sen Foundation. This also included the co-organisation of the summer school in Development, Human Rights and Security at The Hague University. Having obtained a Bachelor Degree in International Communication Management (in 2014) and a MSc in International and European Governance (in 2017), Kathinka enjoys bridging academia and applied reality in the public sector. In her Master thesis she wrote about the 2015 refugee crisis and the related policy decisions in Germany which she compared to the situation in the Netherlands. Kathinka has a strong interest in issues relating to refugees, sustainability and development. She has collected work experience with RNW Media, The Hague University, the Sen Foundation and, most recently, Oxfam Novib. Here, she coordinates the Oxfam Novib Academy which includes all interns who are based in the The Hague office.