Kim Dietvorst

Kim Dietvorst has been working with the Sen Foundation since 2016. She started improving the website security and later she provided the website a facelift and helped our foundation give the content that our visitors need at different media channels. She is motivated to keep supporting the Sen Foundation within the tech world, because she thinks it is noble that people devote their lives gathering and sharing knowledge about international cooperation.

Kim started her career with the main ambition and goal to express her creativity, with for instance Photoshop and Illustrator, into the digital art. Being one of the only three girls that applied for the (Graphical) Media technology study, she realized that her path was going to be bigger than what she has envisioned. Ten years later she is a technical IT manager and has her own company.

In 2007 Kim started working as a Web Developer at Fabrique in Delft. She learned how to build web applications for the big guys like Heineken. Afterwards, she helped brokers, financial service providers, professional membership organizations and industry associations with tools that she created for them. She got to know the operations of organizations like De hypotheekshop, NOC*NSF, KNLTB and

In 2012 she decided to become the new Steve Jobs and started to learn more about cognitive psychology. She was fascinated about how people think and behave and how Information Technology could fulfill their needs. For this reason, she became a User eXperience Consultant at Capgemini and learned about how to create effective on- and offline services. For instance, she optimized the work streams in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and designed and provided to the Minister (Jet Bussemaker at that time) a user friendly annotation app on her tablet. Afterwards, she filled her resume working at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Dutch law enforcement, Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch tax authorities, Europol, Interpolis and Rabobank.

In 2017 Kim began to wonder: Now that I have a variety of work experience, what is the next step within my career? How can I make a difference for a better world? With her vast digital knowledge, she decided to offer her help to smaller organizations. So she started her own digital communication company called KIDI ( Her drive is to help small organizations grow by giving them professional advice. Think big, act small, become big. She helps organizations reach their goals by giving them insights into their target groups, teaches them how to engage and provides them with the right digital tools.

Currently Kim is working as an Information Systems Manager at Amgen Europe. Her mission is the following: To improve patient health care by providing them the right tools and service at the right moment in time. A challenging environment, but making a difference for patients is what keeps her motivated.

Please feel free to contact Kim while having any questions or comments.

Kim Dietvorst
+31 6 14 29 76 28

The posting on this site do represent Kim Dietvorst and not Amgen’s positions, strategies, or opinions.