Leila Cornips

Leila has worked as a secretary for the Sen Foundation from November 2017 until January 2019. She managed the Foundation’s administration and participated in the organisation of its annual summer school module at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in 2018. Additionally, she has worked as a project officer at the Foundation’s affiliated organisation: The Hague Humanitarian Cooperative for Water. Leila is currently working as a teacher at Erasmus University Rotterdam and its University College.

After carrying out an internship at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in 2015, Leila obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Law & Economics. Working at a public institution fuelled her interest in public policy and political affairs. As a logical next step, she enrolled for the MSc programme in Public Administration at Leiden University. During her studies, Leila specialised in International Governance and Peace-building. To enhance her knowledge and her experience in these fields, she worked as a research-volunteer at The Hague Peace Projects until she started a 6-month internship at the Royal Dutch Embassy in Berlin. At the embassy, Leila worked on projects related to social inequality, climate change, political affairs and human rights. Inspired by the latter two in particular, Leila acted as an International Election Observer in Albania, where she observed and evaluated the voting processes during the parliamentary elections in 2017. Upon her return to the Netherlands, Leila wrote her MSc thesis on political conflict and ethnic power sharing. In 2018, she received her Master’s degree with distinction.

Enthused by her current job within an academic environment, she plans to translate her passion for research and teaching into a PhD project. Her main research interests are ethnic conflict, power sharing, democratisation, inequality, proxy warfare, and state-building.