• Ukraine Project

    The Sen Foundation supports the establishment of a new Foundation (OpenDoor Ukraine) which is active in humanitarian, cultural and economic cooperation between Ukraine and the Netherlands. Its goal is to intensify contacts and increase understanding between the Netherlands and Ukraine.

    Through its three thematic tables – economy, humanitarian affairs, and culture & civil society – OpenDoor Ukraine brings together actors and stakeholders from both countries, and helps them to identify partners and opportunities for their activities.

    Joris Voorhoeve of the Sen Foundation chairs the Board of Advice and Supervision while Robert Serry is the Chairman of the Foundation’s Board.



  • Drinking Water

    In 2015, the Sen Foundation started a project to invent and produce a small water purification device to remove salt from saline underground water, to provide drinking water to refugees and poor people in isolated communities. The small-scale desalination device uses a unique technology.

    The company Water Future B.V. makes a purification device for horticulture purposes (green houses) and Fresh Water B.V. applies the technology in Jerico for drinking water.


  • Sustainable Development Goals

    The Sen Fondation prepares a book on the costs of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN as far as basic needs are concerned: drinking water, food, basic health services and basic education. This may be published in 2020.

  • African Women

    The Sen Foundation makes an annual donation to a project in Africa which supports health care and contraceptives for females in Africa. Through this support, much sorrow can be prevented in relation to unwanted children who do not receive the care they need and often die due to infections and hunger. In general, the demand for contraceptives and related healthcare is enormous. This project is led by Oxfam Novib.