Russia, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina, A study of operational codes which may harm peacebuilding

Spring 2017 Leiden University Hans van den Berg English and Dutch

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a beautiful but troubled state that seems to be unable to move on from its past. Political reform, stability and peace are not as sure as many like to think. The country has made great progress, working towards NATO membership and filing an official EU candidacy application. International actors, institutions and organisations seem to be its main obstabcles. Some argue the Office of the High Representative (OHR) is like a governor forcing policies and legislation. Others promote the positive influence of such organisations; guaranteeing peace, stability, implementation of the Dayton Accords and preventing eruption of new hostilities. In my research on BiH I found that two states, Russia and Turkey, exert considerable influence on the Bosniak and Serb segments of BiH. It is their actions and policy which have left me to question what their impact has been on the development of BiH.

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Russia, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina, A study of Operational Codes which may harm Peacebuilding