Sumer School 2018

This summer, the Sen Foundation ran its annual summer school module at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. 14 students attended the course titled Human Rights, Security and Development. The students explored issues such as economic development, energy security and geopolitics through an interdisciplinary approach combining political science, economics, history and sociology.

Vasilis Karakasis covered the Greek-Turkish conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as the role of the southern energy corridor in European Energy security. Ilia Barboutev addressed wider issues of European energy security, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the formation of the modern Middle East.

Guest lecturers delved into the global financial crisis, the role of international organizations in Africa, current issues in the Balkans and the role of private military forces in modern conflict.

The educational approach was not limited to the classroom as the students made visits to key institutions in The Hague. Leila Cornips from the Sen Foundation, together with Kathinka Gaess from the Oxfam Organisation, organised a visit to Oxfam. There, the students attended workshops focusing on development cooperation with leading experts and practitioners.

A class on democratic participation and constitutionalism was also held inside the First Chamber of the Dutch Parliament. The theme of the summer school was the 17 Sustainable Goals as defined by the United Nations Development Program. The goal of the course was to give students an appreciation for the economic and political constraints faced by governments as they strive to raise living standards for their citizens.