• Joris Voorhoeve


  • Robert Zeldenrust

    Chair of the Board

  • Geor Hintzen

    Board member

  • Jacintha van der Plas

    Secretary to the Board

  • Kim Dietvorst

    Web Developer

  • Leila Cornips


  • Claudia Grigoras

    Communication Advisor

  • Saskia Rademaker

    Researcher at the Sen Foundation and The Hague University

  • Vasileios P. Karakasis

    PhD. Candidate and teaching assistant

  • Jan-Willem Oosterbroek


  • Ilia Barboutev

    PhD. Candidate and teaching assistant

  • Janneke Bosman

    General support

  • Peter Lems

    Partner Grensland Genootschap

  • Tobias Wals

    Representative Grensland Genootschap in Kiev

Faces of Sen

Some of the people who also work hard for Sen.

  • Kathinka Gaess

    In 2017, Kathinka has coordinated the communication and the administration of the Sen Foundation. This also included the co-organisation of the summer school in Development, Human Rights and Security at The Hague Univeristy. Having obtained a Bachelor Degree in International Communication Management (in 2014) and a MSc in International and European Governance (in 2017), Kathinka enjoys bridging academia and applied reality in the public sector.


  • Saskia Rademaker

    Saskia Rademaker has been with the Sen Foundation since its establishment in 2008. She obtained her Master’s degree in Political Science from Leiden University in 2008 and was the first researcher at the Sen Foundation between 2008 and 2011. She did extensive research for the publication Negen Plagen Tegelijk, and for other publications such as From War to the Rule of Law: Peacebuilding after Violent Conflicts or Rechtstaat in Ontwikkelingslanden by Joris Voorhoeve.


  • Delphine Meertens

    Delphine Meertens is an MSc graduate in Public Administration (International & European Governance) and has worked as a freelancer for the Sen Foundation, where she provided editorial assistance for a manual on international relations. Delphine has previously worked as an intern at VNG International and at the Political Affairs section of the Netherlands’ Embassy in Paris.


  • Ilia Barboutev

    Ilia Barboutev is a PhD Candidate at Leiden University. His research focuses on examining the factors behind Ukraine’s bargaining strategy vis-a-vis Russia in the “Gas Wars’’ of 2006, 2009, and 2014, as well as Ukraine’s subsequent energy security strategy after each altercation with its eastern neighbor. Ilia has worked as a course assistant to Professor Voorhoeve in the Bachelor-level courses Introduction to Conflict Studies and Global Challenges: Peace and Justice.


  • Vasileios P. Karakasis

    Since 2014 Vasilis has been working as a Course Coordinator for Sen Foundation. Under the auspices of Pr. Voorhoeve, he has coordinated and taught Bachelor- and Master-level courses on International Relations/Organizations and Peacebuilding at Leiden University. For two consecutive years (2015 and 2016) and in the context of the Summer Schools held by The Hague University of Applied Sciences, he organized and taught at the Module on “Human Security, Rights and Development”.


  • Mihailo Jovetic

    Mihailo Jovetic is an MSc graduate and has worked as Research Assistant at the Sen Foundation, he carried out research concerning the risks of new violence erupting in the Western Balkans due to changing global geopolitical balances and new international players trying to exert influence on the region. Mihailo recently successfully defended his final thesis for the MSc Public Administration: International and European Governance at Leiden University, titled Kosovo: A Study in Peacebuilding After Secession and the Role of External Actors. He currently works at the Asser Institute and will start a second MSc in Political Science: International Organisation at Leiden University in September. Mihailo is of Serb origin and has lived in the Netherlands and Italy.

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