Vishwesh Sundar

Vishwesh’s association with the Sen Foundation began in March 2018, as an intern within the organization. He is currently writing a report titled ‘India and the Sustainable Development Goals’. He would be analyzing five main SDG’s that would be crucial to achieve for India. He is broadly analyzing the current situation with regard to these goals and proposing possible policy suggestions that can be considered to realize the goals by 2030. This report would later be published by the Sen Foundation.

He is currently a student at the Leiden University, pursuing the Advanced Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy (MIRD) at The Hague campus. His course is also taught in association with Clingendael, where he is also interning along with his internship at the Sen Foundation. He completed a BA in Economics, Political Science and Sociology (Triple Major program) from Christ University in India. During his Bachelor Degree, he has been an intern for the Chennai Centre for China Studies, one of the few think tanks in India solely dedicated to studying Indo-China relations. Vishwesh published a research paper on ‘India’s engagement in the South China Sea.’ He stills writes blogs on socio-political and economic events happening in China.

The verdict of the South China Sea dispute was given in The Hague and he was very excited to study in the city that is at the centre of international politics. The six months that he has been in The Hague have been both scholastically and non-scholastically enriching. According to him, The Hague is a wonderful place to kick start a career in International Relations. His course along with his internship on SDG’s is helping him to get closer to his professional ambition of working for the UNDP.

Vishwesh’s main research interests include the ‘development and security nexus’ and public diplomacy studies. In his spare time, he plays badminton at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.