The Sen Foundation is a new research and teaching agency with a focus on international issues, such as poverty reduction, prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts, and solutions to global environmental challenges.

This foundation has been named after Amartya Sen (1933), a well-known Indian economist, philosopher and Nobel Prize laureate, who works at the University of Harvard.

The statutes of the foundation state that the objective is to carry out and publish scientific research in the field of international cooperation and educate or train interested people, in particular for the benefit of developing countries, the poorest groups, and encourage solutions to related global issues which affect the most deprived people.

The Sen Foundation attempts to fulfill its objectives by carrying out research assignments and providing educational courses approved by its Board. It is also available for assignments, for educational institutions and official and private organizations for humanitarian aid and international cooperation.

The Sen Foundation is registered by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
(number: 27363146) under the name Sen Stichting voor Stichting Onderzoek en Onderwijs inzake Internationale Samenwerking. Most activities take place in and around The Hague, The Netherlands.

Bank account number: NL65ABNA055.03.77.778, ABN AMRO, The Hague.

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