Contact details

The Foundation has its seat at:
Clioplein 31
2511 GL Den Haag


+31 – (0)6 4994 2467
+31 – (0)6 4410 3662

Kamer van Koophandel nr: 27363146
Fiscaal nr: 821634550
Bank: NL65ABNA0550377778 t.v. Stichting Onderzoek Internationale Samenwerking/ Sen Foundation

Cooperation possibilities*

You are welcome to get in touch with Sen Foundation for

  • Lectures and guest lectures
  • Research projects
  • Organisation of seminars
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Training for young politicians: On request, the Sen Foundation provides training sessions for young politicians in the area of foreign affairs, diplomacy, development cooperation and defense.
  • Evaluation of development projects abroad

Prices for training sessions, lectures, research and advisory reports are to be agreed after consultation. As a rule, the rate is 100 € per hour, plus necessary expenses and VAT in case the activity is not part of education. For certified charitable organizations, discounts are possible.

Want to be a Volunteer @Sen?

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