Podcast #6: Cyprus Conflict

Cyprus Conflict V. Karakasis

Podcast #6:
Cyprus Conflict, by Vasilis Karakasis & Ilia Barboutev.

Listen to our new podcast and learn all about the conflict in Cyprus. We reflect on the latest developments in the Cyprus conflict. Some key points:
– the traditional blueprint of a settlement on the basis of bi-zonal/bi-communal federation should not be taken for granted anymore
– The trilateral partnerships between Gr-Cy-Is should not be solely attributed to the discovery of natural resources. The partnerships are responses to the stimuli coming from an uncertain environment in the region. The gas reserves have boosted a development that was already in motion.
– Turkey does not care that much about gas reserves as much as power projection. The relatively cheap gas supplies from Russia and the discoveries in the Black Sea do not render the access to the natural resources imperative. In its pursuit of regional hegemony, Turkey wants to signal a clear message: no decision on the monetization of natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean can be made without its permission.

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