Mine Risk Education Project

Since a few months ago, Ilia Barboutev, a member of our team at the Sen Foundation and a PhD. Candidate and teacher in International Relations, has been an advisor for a mine risk education project called MINE MARK, which aims at protecting children, youngsters and other vulnerable groups from harm by landmines, cluster ammunition and explosive remnants of war.

The number of casualties due to landmines is rising since 2013 and has reached 8605 confirmed casualties in 2016 worldwide; this is the highest number since 1999. 78% of all recorded casualties were civilians. Positively, the funding to clear explosive remnants of war and to educate vulnerable groups is increasing respectively. That trend makes it possible to develop and implement state-of-the-art technologies in contaminated areas. However, most funds are utilised to clear these areas. That approach is costly and takes way too long to achieve safe living environments. Unfortunately, we do not have that time.

Therefore, the mission of MINE MARK is to reduce the number of casualties from explosive remnants of war by providing free-of-charge, and state-of-the-art Mine Risk Education for affected groups. By working together with local authorities and NGOs, they implement inclusive and sustainable projects which will increase the local populations’ awareness about explosive remnants of war.

Read more about what they currently do here!