Policy Plan 2019-2020

In 2019-20 the Sen Foundation will endeavor to implement the projects started in the previous years: 

1. The second printing with some revisions of the Dutch text book  for universities: “Wereld in Beweging.” This needs to be done before May 1, with the cooperation of the teachers of The Hague University of Appleid Sciences,

2. A small book on Egypt and a girl’s school project there needs to be completed. The manuscript is 90% finished and might get ready by May to be sent to a publisher or be published by ourselves.

3. A picture book on Human Rights (“Mensenwensen”) with photographer Ton Koene. It needs about two weeks of work and could be sent to possible publishers by July. 

4. A sequel to Negen Plagen Tegelijk in the form of a book called “100 Chances” with short essays on new, or forgotten old ways, to tackle various global questions. This will take about a year and might be done step by step in the form of blogs on the Sen website “Making Sense of international affairs”, to be edited later as a small book.

5. The sequel to Wereld in Beweging should be small textbook on the Sustainable Development Goals. Some paragraphs have been drafted but this needs another year of work and also lends itself for Making Sense blogs first. 

6. We intend to repeat the Summer School in the first half of July.

7. The Sen Foundation will give administrative support to the new foundation OpenDoor Ukraine.nl

8. The same may be needed for the start-up Fresh Water BV which aims to test and produce inexpensive drinking water desalination devices for refugees and the marginalized poor.