• Robert Zeldenrust

    Chair of the Board, Former Ambassador of The Netherlands to UNESCO

  • Ilia Barboutev

    Director of Education, PhD. Candidate and teacher in International Relations

  • Vasileios P. Karakasis

    Lecturer International Relations

  • Joris Voorhoeve

    Board member, Retired professor of International Organizations, Former Minister of Defense and Chair of Oxfam International’s Board of Supervisors

  • Jan-Willem Oosterbroek

    Treasurer, Expert on Trade Promotion for Developing Countries

  • Jacintha van der Plas

    Secretary to the Board, Public Administration and international cooperation expert

  • Geor Hintzen

    Board member, Lawyer and Sinologist

  • Janneke Bosman

    Advisor to the board and expert in labor rights, sustainable palm oil and sustainable bananas. She conducted research and chapters on the SDGs, Global Migration for Negen Plagen Tegelijk, and the genocide in Rwanda for Veilige Gebieden.

    In her daily life she works as a Life Coach / Personal Coach at

  • Elif Naz Guvenis

    Elif Naz Guvenis - Sen Foundation

    Research assistant

  • Habtom Yohannes

    PhD researcher and guest teacher in courses offered by the Sen Foundation

  • Saskia Rademaker

    Researcher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

  • Alexander Royall

    Sen Foundation_Alexander Royall

    Research assistant, Foreign Affairs

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