Janneke Bosman

Janneke started working for Sen shortly after the foundation was founded. In 2009 she assisted Joris Voorhoeve when he wrote the book “Negen Plagen Tegelijk”. She wrote the chapter on “Global Migration”, in which she described the streams of migration and its effects. The chapter deals with the migration streams we can expect in the year 2050, when the world will have an extremely large population of over 9 billion inhabitants. After her research assistance, she kept on working for Sen throughout the years, assisting both in research and education in international development cooperation. She also wrote a chapter for the book “Veilige Gebieden”. The chapter is on the UN mission in Rwanda, which gives an analysis of the mission concerned.

Over the years, she assisted with other research, organised The Third Hague Peace Conference, gave lectures at The Hague University & Leiden University on the Sustainable Development Goals, organised a module for The Hague Summer School, and was and is active in general support for the Sen Foundation. What is most important, is that she always enjoyed very much working for Sen, and she still does.

Currently, she works at the CNV Internationaal, where she works passionately as well. This is a foundation within the Dutch Labour union, that supports labour unions in development countries. She is the Programme Officer for Indonesia at the moment. Over the years, she has also been responsible for other countries, such as Cambodia and Benin.

In Indonesia, her work focuses on fostering decent work and the improvement of labour conditions. This is mainly being done in the garment sector and in the palm oil sector, though in the general sector as well. There is also specific focus on several themes, such as Social Dialogue, Labour Rights and Gender Based Violence.

Janneke is partly Indonesian, since her grandmother comes from Indonesia as well. She speaks the language and has visited the country often. Languages is one of her large interests: she speaks six languages, which comes in handy with her current job.

For more information, please contact her on: janneke_bosman@hotmail.com.