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The Sen Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation for research and education in the field of international cooperation. It was established in 2009. Researchers, teachers and students contribute to promoting better global relations. The Foundation is also certified as an educational institution for professional courses. It cooperates with institutions for higher education and official and private organisations for humanitarian aid and international development.



Podcast #7 Podcast Israel Palestine Conflict

Podcast #7:
Israel Palestine conflict, by UN Special Envoy for the Middle East Process Robert Serry, Dr. Geor Hintzen & Ilia Barboutev.

In this podcast we examine the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and discuss possibilities for the future.

Listen to the podcast here

Making Sense

Hypersonic Weapons: Opportunities and Challenges for International Stability

Over the past year, events like the use of the “Kinzhal” hypersonic missile by Russia in Ukraine and the USA’s successful test of an AGM-183 hypersonic missile in December have brought hypersonic missiles into the spotlight. With the war in Ukraine having its first anniversary and tensions over Taiwan continuously rising, questions regarding the new technology and its impact on international stability have become ever more pressing.


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We offer courses, guest lectures, and training on Peacebuilding, UN activities and Development Cooperation. We teach a summer course at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and supervise Master and Ph.D. theses at Leiden University. They include Peacebuilding after Conflict, International Relations, and International Organisations as well as Current Issues.