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Fighting Poverty and Violence analyzes what is needed to abolish the worst forms of human deprivation. Based on many international studies about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it concludes that only two percent of world income is needed to provide all human beings with safe drinking water, sanitation, food, basic education, and simple health care. The poorest people also incur the largest numbers of victims due to wars, disasters, and  pandemics. This book contains practical suggestions for more effective civic and political action to reach the universal goal of well-being in peace.

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Sen Foundation predicted a global health crisis like Corona in 2010

In 2010, the Sen Foundation published a book called Nine Scourges at Once, in the Dutch language “Negen Plagen Tegelijk”. Chapter 5, pp 96-99 gave a now accurate prediction of a new global health crisis like the Corona crisis with serious disrupting consequences for mankind and the global economy. This prediction was based on a number of developments which pointed, according to the author, in this direction. The book was sold out, but not translated into English. The warning was ignored, also in The Netherlands. There are more of such predictions in the book. So: pay attention to our site, and the next time you may be forewarned…

Making Sense

Refugees in Turkey are a time bomb

For many people, the world is a dangerous place. Sometimes we are very surprised by unexpected crises, but often serious crises are quite predictable. It is probable that we will see more and more migration crises, due to wars, suppressive governments, religious strife, and environmental threats. At present 1% of the world’s population is forced to flee from their dwellings. Half of them are children. In most cases their future is destroyed.



We offer courses, guest lectures, and training on Peacebuilding, UN activities and Development Cooperation. We teach a summer course at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and supervise Master and Ph.D. theses at Leiden University. They include Peacebuilding after Conflict, International Relations, and International Organisations as well as Current Issues.


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The Sen Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation for research and education in the field of international cooperation. It was established in 2009. Researchers, teachers and students contribute to promoting better global relations. The Foundation is also certified as an educational institution for professional courses. It cooperates with institutions for higher education and official and private organisations for humanitarian aid and international development.