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Municipality of Haarlem pays much attention to our latest book

On May 12, various guests, including former minister Joris Voorhoeve, mayor Jos Wienen, entrepreneur Maurits Groen, and chairperson SDG Netherlands Maresa Oosterman, discussed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These SDGs are the 17 goals set by the United Nations (UN) to achieve a more just world. SDG Netherlands is conducting a campaign to have these goals included in the new coalition agreement. In addition, the Association of Dutch Municipalities, VNG, is campaigning to encourage municipalities to pursue these goals.

Six guests discussed whether these SDGs should be a guideline for a new governmental agreement. But also how the municipality of Haarlem should support these goals. Many Dutch municipalities preceded Haarlem in this.

The goal that the UN have in mind is a sustainable world in 2030. A world that is resilient to shocks (such as a pandemic) and where no one is left behind. The SDGs are a concrete compass for this.

On the panel are: Maresa Oosterman, Director SDG Netherlands, Joris Voorhoeve, former minister and author Figthing Poverty and Violence, Maurits Groen, entrepreneur from Haarlem and founder of the WakaWaka Foundation, Jos Wienen, Mayor of Haarlem, Claudia de Laaf, Global Goal campaign team VNG I, Gwen Jansen, Chairman Utrecht4globalgoals, Moderator: Liesbet Hanekroot

Want to watch the debate? Watch it here.

Watch the livestream of the book launch at the SDGcafé here


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Podcast #3 Economic Development: Moral Dilemmas and Practical Solutions

Listen to our new podcast on our latest book Fighting Poverty and Violence: How Basic Human Need Could Be Met.

Following up on the podcast of last week on my latest book Fighting Poverty and Violence, here we explore some of the moral conundrums involved in economic development and attempt to offer practical solutions. This is part one of a two part-series derived from the issues raised in the book. In the next part, we will explore the relationship between political violence and economic development.

Listen to the podcast here

Making Sense

Refugees in Turkey are a time bomb

For many people, the world is a dangerous place. Sometimes we are very surprised by unexpected crises, but often serious crises are quite predictable. It is probable that we will see more and more migration crises, due to wars, suppressive governments, religious strife, and environmental threats. At present 1% of the world’s population is forced to flee from their dwellings. Half of them are children. In most cases their future is destroyed.



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