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Municipality of Haarlem pays much attention to our latest book

On May 12, various guests, including former minister Joris Voorhoeve, mayor Jos Wienen, entrepreneur Maurits Groen, and chairperson SDG Netherlands Maresa Oosterman, discussed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These SDGs are the 17 goals set by the United Nations (UN) to achieve a more just world. SDG Netherlands is conducting a campaign to have these goals included in the new coalition agreement. In addition, the Association of Dutch Municipalities, VNG, is campaigning to encourage municipalities to pursue these goals.

Six guests discussed whether these SDGs should be a guideline for a new governmental agreement. But also how the municipality of Haarlem should support these goals. Many Dutch municipalities preceded Haarlem in this.

The goal that the UN have in mind is a sustainable world in 2030. A world that is resilient to shocks (such as a pandemic) and where no one is left behind. The SDGs are a concrete compass for this.

On the panel are: Maresa Oosterman, Director SDG Netherlands, Joris Voorhoeve, former minister and author Figthing Poverty and Violence, Maurits Groen, entrepreneur from Haarlem and founder of the WakaWaka Foundation, Jos Wienen, Mayor of Haarlem, Claudia de Laaf, Global Goal campaign team VNG I, Gwen Jansen, Chairman Utrecht4globalgoals, Moderator: Liesbet Hanekroot

Want to watch the debate? Watch it here.

Watch the livestream of the book launch at the SDGcafé here

Monthly Podcast

Podcast #8 Podcast with Hope XXL

Hope XXL gaat met Joris Voorhoeve in gesprek over geluk en naastenliefde en over arm en gelukkig of rijk en ongelukkig zijn. We hebben het over de vraag in hoeverre we de klimaatproblemen nog kunnen keren. Hij deelt zijn ideeën over vraagstukken op het gebied van energie, economie en klimaat. Ook inkomensongelijkheid en de voordelen van het betalen van belastingen komen aan bod. We hebben het over vrijheid, kapitalisme, marktwerking, vrijheid en natuurlijk Corona. We bespreken in deze interessante aflevering met Joris Voorhoeve verder nog hoe we het ongeluk moeten aanpakken en over hoe weinig het in feite kost om de grootste problemen van deze tijd aan te pakken.

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Making Sense

Ukraine and the end of Russia as a Great Power

The incredible viciousness of the war in Ukraine keeps a normal person awake all night. The mined bodies of Ukrainian citizens who were shot randomly in Butscha by misled angry Russian soldiers are nauseating. The soldiers were ordered to withdraw after the failure of their attack on Kyiv. Putin sends them now to east and south Ukraine to conquer territory, again at the cost of thousands of lives. He concluded that his aim to destroy the independence of all of Ukraine ran into a resistance that was too much for his soldiers, to which he constantly lied in the past several years. Now, more death and destruction will be spread in the Donbas and the coastal cities of the Black Sea. And poor Putin says he has no other option… It is not difficult to recognize a psychiatric mass murderer.



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